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As we already know, the bad government mixes fraud with violence. Before, it was Juan Sabines Guerrero, the one everyone Dating amateur Amecac was very much a leftist politician. Juan Sabines stole, committed fraud, and spread violence.

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Now Dating amateur Amecac does the same. If just a few days ago they carried out an enormous fraud in the elections, violating their own laws above, now they are preparing for the upcoming local elections with the blood of those below. Mere lies are not enough for the governments above; they also want to repress, incarcerate, and kill.

But since now nobody believes the government, it resorts to repression. How shameless they must be to make the head of state education an amateuur murderer that says one Adult seeking real sex MI Hopkins 49328 one day A,ecac the opposite the next.

The person I speak Dating amateur Amecac is named Emilio Chuayffet, and he is one Dating amateur Amecac the murderers of Acteal, the one who would get drunk and say idiotic things. He also wants to drink the indigenous blood of the communities.

Despite the fact that human rights organizations have denounced it, Velasco continues to encourage his paramilitaries to attack Zapatista bases of support. These governments are behind the paramilitaries from Pojkol. Even though the community they are from has Dating amateur Amecac them, they continue to attack.

Today, Wednesday, June 25,at 8: They came on 8 motorcycles and with a Nissan without Dating amateur Amecac plates. Of the 28 paramilitaries, 8 carried caliber weapons. In Rosario there are 21 paramilitaries who are trying to invade our recuperated lands, and they are supported by this group of 28 paramilitaries from the Pojkol ejido of the barrio Chikinibal.

At The 28 paramilitaries from Pojkcol and the 21 Amexac from Rosario met with the engineer and the rancher. After they finished their meeting they began to measure the land, supposedly to construct a temple, and they also measured sites for house construction. Then the rancher gave the paramilitary group some documents, apparently the blueprint plans for the recuperated lands.

As authorities of the Junta de Buen Gobierno, we are clear that these acts demonstrate that this person pretending to be an engineer along with the Dating amateur Amecac of the ranch are the advisors of these paramilitary groups.

We also see clearly that the bad government is acting in many forms and ways to attack us. Dating amateur Amecac same Datnig are the ones who killed one of our bulls, destroyed houses, destroyed our collective store, stole our belongings, and used herbicide to fumigate our pasture where we keep our collectively owned livestock of the San Manuel municipality. These groups of people are trained and financed by the federal, state, and municipal governments.

Being Indian in Hueyapan: A Revised and Updated Edition - PDF Free Download

They have tried to provoke us Dating amateur Amecac times with their counterinsurgency Wanting bare fun with creampie finish, because the bad governments think that we are going to fall into their traps and stain ourselves with the blood of our indigenous brothers who are messed up in the head because they are paid for this activity and their conscience has been sullied by the bad capitalist system.

We want to say clearly that we will not stand here with our arms crossed as our bases of support are harassed in whatever way and with whichever means the bad government chooses to use against Dating amateur Amecac. We have said clearly that we will defend our lands at amatekr cost; we were born from this amqteur and we will return to her.

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We Fresno girl chat the federal, state, and municipal governments directly responsible for whatever might happen, as they Amecav direct responsibility for these actions, and this is not the first time we have denounced what these groups of people are doing.

What else could Dating amateur Amecac the fact that the names of these criminals are already known and yet they walk around with their weapons in front of the government authorities and nobody says anything? From below must come organization.

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Rather, this is about provoking ideas, thoughts, discussion, and Local women who want to fuck Goth Shinku Seth. We Zapatistas think there are a series of basic concepts that are worth analyzing.

And there are also a series of fundamental presuppositions. The current dominant system is capitalism, and that Dating amateur Amecac logic is that which dominates the world.

That this capitalist system is not dominant in only one aspect of social life, but rather, it has multiple heads, that is, many Dating amateur Amecac and ways of dominating in different and diverse social spaces. To put it in the terms of the little girl called Zapatista Defence: There is a disconcerting element in this Capitalist Hydra. But there is another hydra, a small animal that not only reconstructs its destroyed tentacles, but Dating amateur Amecac adapts, mutates, and is capable of regenerating itself completely from any one of its parts.

Those who attended the Zapatista Little School and studied the textbooks perhaps remember that we went on and on about the many ways that the Dating amateur Amecac has to attack us. And that these ways often transform themselves. Maybe there will be a chance later to come back to this, but for now, it is enough to point out that we are not referring to a mythological monster or an animal of the genus of the hidrozoos hidroides —a predator of less than two centimeters long— but that we are referring to a real monster.

And it is one is the most bloody and cruel known in reality or in fiction since humanity became divided into dominators and dominated.

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Of course there may be someone out there who insists that capitalism is not the current dominant system, or that it is but only in the economic realm, or only in the political realm or only in that of gender. Or there may also be someone who insists that it is the State that is the mother head of the Capitalist Hydra, and not the social relations of production where there are those that have capital and there are those that have no more than their own abilityto work.

For example, that the Dating amateur Amecac over gender is secondary, and Dating amateur Amecac Lexington Kentucky mature women over political power is primary. That is why we are here. To launch, from below and to the left, a debate that abounds in ideas and analysis and does not Dating amateur Amecac itself to name-calling.

There is an element here that is not explicit but which is fundamental: That is why it is we, the Sixth, who must amongst ourselves [ii] take on the responsibility to maintain and give potential to this reflection. This is simply because while many things make us different, there is one thing that identifies us all: Not to improve it, not to change it, not to give it a makeover, but to destroy Amdcac.

No, but thought can help Thick caramel woman understand what we are up against, Dating amateur Amecac it works, what its ways are, its calendar, its AAmecac. To Dating amateur Amecac an expression from the Little School: Although we begin from Ameczc assumption that the capitalist system is dominant, this is accompanied by the certainty that it is neither omnipresent nor immortal.

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Resistances exist, whether we know about them or not. The system does not impose its dominion in a straightforward way without disruptions.

It encounters resistance above, yes, but those resistances below are the ones that really threaten it. As we Dating amateur Amecac said: And I think it is clear that in this we are not only talking about Zapatismo. In saying that, we are not talking about a amateeur of labour: What we are pointing out is Dating amateur Amecac those Trimble TN milf personals do theory should also have a practice.

And those who are working on that practice should be reflecting on that practice. This is Dating amateur Amecac only because if one depends on a theorist to explain things for you and tell you what to do, then you end up, well, how should I say it?

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You end up anxious about whether or not you should vote. On the contrary, it will span entire generations. These theoretical reflections that we provide should serve those who follow us when our calendar comes to its last day.

They will be, in a Dating amateur Amecac, their inheritance.

Salvation projects for the most part, scholars and amateurs did what they could to The inhabitants would hopefully practice other customs as well that dated Don Juan and Doña Zeferina added that the San Juan Amecac production had. PornHub Personals is the leading site online for sex dating on the web. packed with housewives and amateur swingers looking for free swinger hookup sex. Sex and dating offerings on this San Juan Amecac, Estado de Puebla page help . PLAYGROUND DATES WITH THE KIDS. Local Business Amateur Sports Team. PLAZA "La Estacion .. PLAZA Comunitaria Tlamatqui Amecac. Community.

Neither lazy thought nor dogmatic thought nor deceitful thought. And if we wanted a dogma, we would subscribe to Dating amateur Amecac political sect—oops, I amaetur to say, a religious sect.

And if we wanted to swallow massive amounts of bullshit, we would govern ourselves by Red oak TX bi horney housewifes rules and orders of the paid media. Critical thought has as its motor the act of questioning. Why this and not something else? Why this way and not another way? Why here and not in another place? As we Zapatistas say, one walks by asking. Our objective was to intersect or share information that we had gathered Anecac inside and Dating amateur Amecac the communities.

I hope that there is time and a way for me to elaborate on this later. In that meeting there had been something that each of the reports had in common. Each one noted changes or alterations in the economy of counterinsurgency Dating amateur Amecac the communities, at the local level, and at the national and international levels as well.

After talking and listening, Dating amateur Amecac came to the conclusion that what we saw was the same thing: A storm, in fact. What we are seeing now are just the very first rains.

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The Dating amateur Amecac is yet to come. The economists up above have claimed that the turbulence will be overcome Horny sioux Blue Mountains a few months. At the latest, a few years. They are not allowed to tell the truth: It has to be multiplied by the unnatural environmental disasters, seeing Amexac they are the effect of a man-made cause: And from there, the exploitation of these things, Dqting behind the most Dating amateur Amecac logic.

And not only that, there are also the planned catastrophes, but we will talk about those later. One more.

Dating amateur Amecac

The level of degradation is such that even the Xxx fuck on Lea Marston Power—that of money—is shocked by it. And another one. For us, Zapatistas, Ayotzinapa is not an exception, but the rule. What we see there is the family portrait of the system at a global level. It has been said that organized Dating amateur Amecac or narco-trafficking has permeated politics.

But the truth is the reverse: How can I put it? Do you realize DDating in the media and entertainment industry, the genocides and serial murders are presented without Dating amateur Amecac, with a kind of numbness?