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The National Security Agency NSA has formally recommended that Dwy White House drop the phone surveillance program that collects information about millions of US phone calls and text messages.

The Wall Street Journal reports that people familiar with the matter say the logistical and legal burdens of maintaining the program outweigh any intelligence benefits it brings. The surveillance program began in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks inand collected Daay of records per day, allegedly in the hunt for links to terrorism. Adult seeking casual sex Winkelman Arizona 85292, after former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden leaked details of the program inCongress passed the USA Freedom Act incalling for a pared-down version that collected a few hundred million per year, Day time nsa today be retained by Day time nsa today companies.

But earlier this year, Republican congressional national security adviser Luke Murry revealed that due to compliance and technical issues, the NSA hadn't even been using Day time nsa today system for the previous six months, calling into question the NSA's previous insistence that such data collection is vital to national security. It appears that a number of senior intelligence officials are now of the opinion that Day time nsa today program provides limited value, with WSJ quoting one individual as saying "The nxa is not worth the flame.

However, it is the White House that will have the final say on the matter, and it hasn't yet made a toray Day time nsa today to whether it will push for legislation to renew the surveillance program. Other lawmakers, meanwhile, remain committed to the scheme. It's not something we easily shelve.

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