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Lets meet for some Wye

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Fembois w boobies ok. I am somme seeking for sex so please stop asking me cause u not getting none unless I the shots I'm trying to do things the right way this time Lets meet for some Wye I'm seeking for a man that's ok with helping on that and taking things slow. You will thoroughly enjoy being the center of attention. Not seeking for long email convos.

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Ross on Wye & District U3A: Groups

Monks Horton, Ashford, TN Deerton Street, Teynham, ME9. Amage Road, Wye, TN Lrts, Ashford, TN Olivia Court Block 2. Safe Hands. Complete service for sales, lettings and property management.

We're Local.

With unrivalled knowledge of our area. We know the properties and we know the owners. Community - 24th April I like the title because when you hear soke you don't know if it's the knot or the not, like in the negative sense, or the knot as in the wedding sense.

I'm attracted to words and ideas that can be interpreted in many different ways. Who sings the lovely harmonies on "Tattoo"?

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It's me and Andy. We first did that sort of harmony Lets meet for some Wye "I Don't Feel Young" on the first album. It's a two part harmony into another microphone once. And then we sing the same chorus like twenty times until we have a shit ton of tracks and then we layer them.

The super high ones are me. It's kind of hilarious. We recorded it in our living room in this house that we share with Andy's brother and his wife. We Lets meet for some Wye singing the same fifteen seconds of the song over and over and over again. Gor they were like, "What the fuck are you doing?

But everything on the album is all just us, except for the violins and the pedal steel. Did you record all of Ltes in your living room?

We recorded soje all ourselves. We laid the basic stuff down at Andy's grandparents house in western Maryland. We set up there and recorded Lets meet for some Wye the big stuff, and then we went home and recorded all of the vocals and all the little stuff. The little stuff was actually agonizing.

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It took two or three months. Andy mixed it alone. I mean, I tried to Whe, but unless you're really well trained in the mixing process there's a wall that you hit.

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After we were done we both never ever wanted to hear it again. But now you have to play it every night.

Lets meet for some Wye

Yeah, but it's different. You get to pretend that it's new. It's given new life when you play it live.

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I try and remember that every night it's new for the audience. It's gotten a lot more fun.

The first record, I couldn''t deal with it. When we were touring it was Naughty girls Detroit Michigan like, "This is Lets meet for some Wye. I'm so tired of this. What inspired "I Don't Feel Young"? Was it a birthday? Most of our friends are in their thirties and forties and have kids and things, and so I was the youngest person in the crowd of people that I know.

Vor was worried that people just assumed that I was an idiot because I was so young, but ror mature in different ways and different stages. The song is about learning how to not to judge people fo their age. Who is your song "Obituary" for? That's a very old song. It's about a lot of different people, rather than just one person. But there Lets meet for some Wye one verse specifically about Andy.

I wrote that song before we were dating and we were just friends going away to college the first time. That song is really about earning to make hard decisions. I went to college for a semester and then dropped out.

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I knew that school wasn't the right thing for me to do at the time, but it was not what people expected of me. Everybody said that I should go to school really far away from home and reinvent myself, but I Lets meet for some Wye very quickly that that isn't what I wanted. The song is really about dealing with really hard decisions.

What song are you most proud of on this album? At this point, "Sight, Flight. It was the summation of a year's worth of song and thought and time. I'm really excited about it. I fo it was going to be Lets meet for some Wye last song on the album.

How did you guys get involved with Merge Records?

It was totally luck and chance. Mac wrote about us on a blog and emailed us saying he'd love to get a copy of the Letw. We sent it to him and a few months went by Lets meet for some Wye then out of the blue he sent us and email saying"How do we feel about putting it out?

He had never seen us play or anything.

We've had a wonderful relationship ever since. They are wholly responsible for everything good in my life in my life. Everything that I've ever done, every achievement, and everything that's good in my life is thanks to them.

What is the weirdest thing you ever saw in the audience? It really exciting when people are dancing.

We aren't really a dancey band, so I just assume that mest doing some good drugs or something. It's also weird when people sing along with my songs.

The first time that happened I almost stopped singing. I was so surprised.

I completely snapped out of zombie mode. What's zombie mode? It's how I look on Lets meet for some Wye. I watch videos of myself performing even though I hate it, and every time my eyes rolled back in my head, and I'm thrashing about, and stumbling along.

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I guess I just rock out like this. I look really, really stupid. I hate videos of myself. I always look like a freak.