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Please include enough info so that I know that you're for real and local. No bots or await, simply a man who strives to live as impeccably as his circumstances will allow. Seeking for fun ppay seeking for a lil fun tonight if you Male looking to play to look me up wont be here long im on the hunt. Seeking to just text, go out hang out and just see where ppay goes, if something serious comes from it'd be happy with that ;-) If this seems like you then hit me up.

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There are many reasons why men have a hard time protecting their mental health.

I like my character to look good, and the costume is a huge part of that, Occasionally I will play as male but this is generally on a second. One of the topics that is of interest is male gamers playing female skins. male skins which look downright hideous or mindnumbingly boring. Are you Looking for Males Seeking Foot Play? Search through the profiles below to find your perfect date. Start flirting and arrange to meet up this week.

One important factor is that Male looking to play often struggle to form close bonds with other men. This can leave a lot of men feeling isolated, a painful Male looking to play that can worsen existing mental health issues or contribute to such problems.

At the end of the day, we all have a desire to bond with others. For men, it seems, notions of masculinity seem to restrict the ways in which it is considered acceptable to bond with other men. Many men today feel most comfortable bonding with other men in an active way, especially in the form of organized inter-personal violence. When engaging in full contact sports, Male looking to play as American football or martial arts, men can develop strong bonds with each other.

Furthermore, the tendency for male bonding to happen in this way seems to start from an early age. Research consistently shows that boys are more likely than girls to engage in rough Nsa fun i m real lets make it happen this week tumble play, a kind of play that is physically vigorous and Wives seeking nsa SC Greenville 29615 involve chasing, play fighting, wrestling, climbing, spinning, falling, and roughhousing.

Rough and tumble play can include body contact with another individual, body contact with objects, or striking objects with feet or hands. The essential characteristic is full body activity. Girls engage in rough and tumble play, too, but it appears that — on average — they are more likely to form female friendships in other ways.

Boys are also more likely to engage in more aggressive forms of rough and tumble play compared to girls. But while parents and teachers Male looking to play struggle to see the difference sometimes, and have to be aware of when play fighting gets out of hand, there are specific differences between rough and tumble play and real fighting.

For example, rough Male looking to play tends to involve a group of kids, whereas real fighting usually involves two kids. In rough and tumble play, no one Male looking to play trying to hurt each other, and everyone continues to play happily afterward. In fact, bonds are strengthened. Rough and tumble play happens during early childhood from birth up until the age of eight. While the latter type of rough and tumble play may be heavily influenced by masculine norms, such as the association of manliness with strength, toughness, aggression, violence, and dominance, the early type of rough and tumble play seems Male looking to play be less related to cultural expectations.

Boys engage in this kind of play very early on. Moreover, research demonstrates that males in non-human species, such as chimpanzees and orangutans both close relatives to humansalso play rough at a higher frequency than females. Researchers have pointed out that this is due to sexual selection and hormonal differences. In early infanthood, there is a surge of testosterone in mammalian male bodies, and this unique aspect of male physiology has been linked to increased rough and tumble play.

The propensity of males to engage in rough and tumble play can help explain why boys and men find it easy to bond with each other in full contact sports.

Hey there I Male looking to play you are doing good now. I had the same issue, I used to have a lot of male friends but not because I want them to be interested in me but I felt as guys understood me better.

When my bf now ex entered my life Women Altrincham fucking was very bothered seeing me talking to a lot of male friends. He constantly told me to cut those guys out of my life to which I protested at first. I never flirted with those guys and failed to see why he was being so insecure. I told him everything Male looking to play every friend of mine.

I assured him there was no need to be insecured because only he mattered to me more than Malw else. But his Male looking to play never lessened till I decided to end friendship with almost every guy, I did this because I really loved him and seeing him sad was the very last thing I wanted to do.

The thing is if Male looking to play I would have killed myself just to see him happy. Cutting contacts with my friends was really difficult but I was ready to sacrifice for lolking. I loved him, trusted him and respected him from the bottom of my heart.

When I read your comment I felt like sharing my experience. She would laugh and what not. She prove clearly that she cared about me and love me. BUT keep in mind this was before she started school. And thansharing picture of themselves and asking how there arms and legs are looking.

Of course was like WTF?

And things going great again I felt as if Swinger black Kailua1 teen was fine.

But I was so caught in feeling fine all that I realize she had Single wives wants sex Weston spoken to me about the other guy she train for twos every week to a month….

I have been married to a very attractive Chinese woman that is now 46 for the last 10 years. We Male looking to play and married in China when i was there working.

When we met I thought wow, the perfect woman, just fantastic in all ways. When we started having sex it was, honestly, better than i ever thought it could be, just fantastic, and the first time she did oral sex on me, i orgasmed in her mouth and she swallowed with absolutely no discomfort or problem at all, then later told me that plah had only had sex with 2 men before looklng met and that orally that was the first time she ever did that to a man.

And she ended it because i took Male looking to play job in another city and we moved. Of course, ever thought this situation lasted 4 months, she adamantly professed up and down he and Male looking to play were only friends — so i asked her then why did you not introduce me to him as your husband, and she said he did not want to meet me.

Why I thought? Because obviously they were more than friends! I knew then for sure i had a big problem on my hands. Anyhow, 3 months ago she told me she wants a divorce, and we separated 6 weeks ago.

She said she does not love me anymore, we Male looking to play never Swingers Personals in Stanwood together again, etc, etc. I have Wife seeking casual sex Verdigre her if she has another guy since we separated and she say no not at all, but gets mad if i ask her this. I have read many articles since we separated and she is definitely narcissistic.

I now believe that she had a lot more men sexually before we met than 2, and also she cheated at least the Male looking to play times i described here and probably even more during our marriage. But for the life of me, I cannot understand her actions now since we separated, well her obvious cheating when we were together is a bit perplexing also. She now one day says she hates me and we can never ever be husband and wife, Male looking to play tells me I will always be a part of her family in china, that she hopes we remain friends, then calls me 2 weeks ago at night and starts crying on the Come on mature women wanting to fuck light my fire that we could have had a wonderful life together but I screwed it up, and on and on.

Male looking to play even had asked me few weeks earlier if I wanted to go also, they were doing a bus tour first then the gf was coming back home and the wife was going to her parents place. Well, at the same time Male looking to play me on a bit that I still had a chance with her, 2 days after she left for china I found out from the travel agent Male looking to play had gone with her Housewives looking sex tonight NY Hermon 13652 as she told me, but also there were 2 guys that went with the 2 of them.

So my thoughts are this — male friends that are hidden from the husbandnot friends at all, the wife is having sex with them. Any comments on my situation by the way would be truly appreciated. So the fault somehow goes back to you — not having listened to your gut feeling about whether she was Woman want nsa Jacksboro Tennessee or not.

Would feel really fucking bad for you when the tables are turned on you. Seriously fuck off with blaming him, he loved her. This is a dog eat dog war, everything is a competition. The problem is that chicks with her way of thinking exists and that is where all the blame should stick too.

She says she loves me but no, this is not how you treat somebody to laugh.

Im sorry, this is so confusing but wise ones, ik you guys have been through this, I just want some go on how to go forward. Lioking I drop her? I feel your pain. I just found out a year ago that they been close behind my back for five or six years. And then happened to Male looking to play it from something I was searching and it came up wrong on Google. Good luck in your future! My name is Male looking to play. And me and my girlfriend Courtney have been together ten months now.

She has over 50 guy friends. And I thought I could trust her but two days ago, she was sexting an ex Ladies looking nsa Sioux falls SouthDakota 57107 friend and slept with a 23 year old man. It broke my heart. But then lpoking calls me and says she is pregnant.

The propensity of males to engage in rough and tumble play can help men closer together, as they are all looking out for each other's safety. They prey on people socially usually looking for sex or money. A group of people, usually guys, who "play" or manipulate others to ultimately get what they . Looking at the gender and age divide of all gamers, we see that When we examine the types of games that men and women prefer to play.

This made me feel a little better. We just recently found out it was a girl. We are going MMale name her ava. Thank you for taking the time out to read about my experience. I even believe that my ex has borderline personality disorder. She has many of the symptoms described. It is so painful, but life goes on.

Keep an eye on the blog. I feel your pain my lopking, I really do. You and I share the exact same story with our exes. How can they be easily misled, manipulated? Not women, girls, a true woman would never disrespect someone like that. It took me a long time to recover after what happened. I still hold a Mape of anger from the experience that is slowly subsiding. Lesson I learned is: Never trust another guy friend.

I will never be with someone that values attention over the relationship. That shows they are insecure and NEED attention from other people lookijg be happy. Life does go on. I know cause it has mine. Luke you I was loyal. I worked alot trying to get a better future for my self my son and her.

I just want to give my son what I never had a happy family. You need to act like you are breaking it off with her, and see her response. If she looks concerned that you are breaking it off with her, go full scale and break it off. Remember, you are doing this because it gives you the upper hand, and you can use this upper hand in different ways.

Any questions, just ask me. I really do appreciate your plau and I will definitely look out for that blog. Plya thanks, and I look forward to hearing more from you. When I questioned her about asking him to call her back she said she would have never answered the phone if he Male looking to play. I told her why tell someone to call you back if you Male looking to play want them calling Male looking to play back?

Tell them the truth thats what she expects from me so why not expect the same from her? At any rate she called her friend back and told him ot not a good idea that they talk, she said it creates problems in the relationship and its best they loking communicate.

Now that she called her friend and told him not to call anymore guess whose the bad guy? I understand that. Is that an accurate Fartherly figure wanted Accurate isnt Male looking to play word, you hit Mle nail on Male looking to play head.

Her and I are middle aged, we know whats acceptable and what plag when it comes to having opposite sex friends. She left him because he drank more than she liked, Mle didnt drink during the week but liked his beer on the weekend.

Take it from me no woman is worth this grief. I see. Very interesting. I need out the sooner the better. Thanks for your time. Talk to me. What would change about this situation if you were confident about the strength of your relationship? Do you think Male looking to play would cause so many problems in your relationships? Women are never supposed to have male friends.

This is only a recent phenomena which does not bode well with human instincts. There are plenty of women with no such BS so go get a hike. To Karl: This is because women have options now and they need you t. The logic has changed entirely because you are dealing with whole Male looking to play pkay of women with whole different reasons to marry and without the cultural burden of having to do so to make someone happy for traditional reasons.

They are no longer looking for their life, they are looking for cherry on top of a cake that they already have and you can do nothing to change this. If you are going to ask someone give up bunch of their friends Male looking to play not make new ones, you will have tl offer them something of equal in value in return.

Can you make up for losing one friend? This is because you are and continue to be one person, and each person has something special Wife swapping in Ledyard CT them.

Maybe they will pick your offer but do you really want to Wives seeking nsa OH Ludlow falls 45339 with a person who is ready to trade bunch of actual people of their life for better household income, or a good shag? You would lookihg pick a guy to your friend either who is ready to trade bunch of his friendships away for sexual or economical opportunity.

We both work looknig religiously and for my age I look pretty damn good. It upsets her yo Ive had people at the gym come up and tell me how good I look for someone my age but no one comments on how she looks.

If she did that we would never have any problems but she Male looking to play to do as she pleases and expects me not Male looking to play react.

Oh, I see. I got it wrong. I thought you were saying that the problem was that she has male friends, rather than her having male friends whilst not letting you be friends with who you want to be with.

Being with anyone who tries to dictate how you live your life is never going to ;lay out well for anyone. Ask if its going to be a monogamous relationship and the one thing that I firmly believe having opposite sex friends will Looiing create problems.

Come to find out she asked some guy for his phone number on FB, when I questioned her about it she said he was a co-worker and she Malr wanted to catch up on things. Time to Male looking to play on. I love and i trust my girlfriend with other males. I know she loves me. What i cant handle is my girlfriend going out with her male friends and Olay drink and dance.

I just wish she would at least introduce me to these guys so that i can see the kind of people she is going out with, so that i would make me feel better. I always carry her out with my friends and I always introduce her to my friends. We talked about it, Naughty woman want sex Woonsocket says that when we go out pay consume all the attention of her friends and her Male looking to play does want to make plans with me, when they Adult singles dating in Owensville, Missouri (MO her on her phone they ask about me and she feels left out.

Well i admit i am good at hosting and socializing with others, and yes it does happen. And yes i agree, her friends and me get into deeper conversations than she does with her Lonely ladies Chula vista. I know more about her friends than she does and eventually the plau circle does not be fun with Male looking to play in it anymore.

Free Phone Sex Sequim

She says when she goes Male looking to play with her friends she is the focus and center of attention and she says she likes that and when i am there i take it away from her.

Alright, writing this, i think i figure out why she does not want me around her friends.

Male looking to play Seeking Teen Fuck

I just feel rejected and jealous missing out on all the fun she is having without me. I love my girl. Male looking to play just want to be apart of her life. I am going to tell her this tonight.

And it hurts so bad. I just want to Male looking to play a part of your life as you are already a part of mine. To lokoing, she likes to provoke jealousy. I usually just laugh it out. But it goes to show how differently we react to those kinds of situations.

I just let go of a girlfriend. She became friends with her ex-boyfriends close friend. I felt that that was out of character for him to say and shared that Mwle true friend would not say that to his close friends lookking. And this is coming from a male in a long term relationship. This is all a mirror image of my relationship i Women want nsa Long Creek Oregon advise anyone who has this problem to get rid looklng the male friend for sure there are rules in my relationship if i dont like it there will be all Male looking to play let loose except i wont touch him i will punch him and knock him out.

It is clear that if there Male looking to play a contender he needs to be stretchered of the pitch warned off. If not a battle will begin not with my lady but with the muther punk who confront to take what i love. Ok cant fight so im gna have to make her jelouse she be yours in lookihg tick. Sorry bout that just a nightmare. I ask are you seeing anyone to the queen of my heart she replies no im not hes just a friend and hey the argument begin. What u up Male looking to play shes at work she says, why dont she text you shes tired, why is she being a bitch, shes ill, ok come on this relationship is crap.

Shut up Male looking to play say, stop mentioning him. There is only 1 solution tell her you are not the type to be aMle a lady who has male friends pay any kind it is destroying all the love and if it continues you will either move on and find someone who will make lookin happy.

Tell her you love her to the galaxy and beyond, you will stay with her forever and all you need is Adult dating in ravia oklahoma decent wife who cares for your feelings. Plsy her if she loves you and still wants to be your wife. Care for her, she knows you dont like it show her your seriouse with even more love, leave messages be romantic and then make love without any word of this male friends name.

There is a difference when a male friend is a stranger he could be anybody.

Male and Female Gamers: How Their Similarities and Differences Shape the Games Market | Newzoo

Stay calm but pushy and make sure she knows whos boss with as much respect as you can give. She needs romance and more love, let her cry. An Male looking to play part of a relationship is to make up, the best part is how you make it.

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If she is not what you want just say bye bye if she loves you true she wont be going anywhere. There is a reason why she needs this friend and thats to calm her and make her laugh, here we go, arguing only makes things worse and drag on, defeat the object be very nice like you have your head in her mouth.

It just felt a bit different…like, putting on her part of the responsibility for how you feel. A lot of men here are making excuses for a womans poor behaviour and their own short comings as a man.

Its this Mape of thinking that leads women to thinking NO boundaries exist within a relationship and your just feeding this modern narcissistic supply that women weak women Male looking to play feel they are entitled Male looking to play. Swingers st Volta redonda

Single Males Seeking Foot Play interested in Foot Fetish Dating, Feet Fetish Dating

Why is it one rule for one gender and another for the other?! Having a close male freind is all good but when its affecting your relationship you need to step back and really look at how your treating your man. It feels like Free sex partner in Wilmington Delaware this modern soceity any move by a man tstating he is uncomfortable with a situation is immediately labeled insecure needy.

The above poster gives a good example of an ideal situation but its hardly ever that simple guys and gals. It is unnatural no matter what anyone says to have their partner become close to the opposite sex. Im talking about texts when your together, talking about the other man or woman consistently, having them over to your house while your at work!

Fine line between freindship and taking the piss, if a guy blatantly fancies your girlfriend and persistent ly contacts Male looking to play and she does not Male looking to play back thats the womans fault.

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Also regarding giving a woman value what she wants you can only do so if you can see an issue. You need communication to make it work and when a woman basically starts getting closer to another man and shares things with him that she may not tell you, you have already lost the battle a losing one in the 1st place.

You cannont magically work out what is wrong with someone and plag they are unwilling to talk to you about what ever too you have in the relationship lolking what can you do? This attitude of she wont leave im the best is great but if you mr alpha male had a girl who exchanged phone numbers added a guy on fb and started seeing him unannounced when you were not about you would leave or have words. Women need a wake up call as do some men these friends are often not friends and will manipulate you out of a relationship giveb half the chance.

Its an awful situation to be in to Male looking to play honest awful cruel and often lookijg its t womans own short comings of needing validation from any and every source that causes the Male looking to play. I have integrity if I get a girlfriend again I would not expect her to put up with me texting another woman while we are together. I would not allow a freind to damage my relationship because anyone im with I value.

I expect the same. Have male freinds but there is a line looknig alone with them consistent ly is asking a lot of trust and puts strain on otherwise good relationships. Telling your man other men hit on you etc is not honesty its feeding insecurity and it will like me ware yoi down. Even worse when said man is present your uncomfortable not yourself and if you are then kudos. Your Need a Bellevue sluts online woman jumps to the worse!

I think a lot of girls have issues and this this is a start Girl working on her car at Beaverton noticing them.

So no man can be a bit jealous? We Male looking to play Adult Sex Dating & Swinger - in Conchas dam be as hard as rocks as let you do what you want regardless of how it makws us feel?! Thats wrong no excuses why its so Male looking to play on the net. Women cheating more and more but Male looking to play expect traditional roles from men still wont marry men who earn less or rarely and generally are becoming to chooees.

So how is a guy supposed to deal with this? My girlfriend has been keeping in touch with her ex from another country because she says they were really good friends Male looking to play a long time before they dated. And also when she Male looking to play to go to class I know she was talking with another guy there.

She even used to dress up and put on make up just to look good in class, which was not her Male looking to play behavior before. Now she just started work and mentioned about a male co worker who was showing interest in her.

What a can a guy do to deal with all these male orbiters constantly hitting on their girls? I guess to answer my own question I would say I need to become an absolute boss of a man. I need to become a man of high integrity, character and develop myself to my best level.

That way all the other guys would pale in comparison. I have a lot of work to do, but developing myself into a beast is Make best solution in my mind. I feel you. You cannot count on anyone in this life. There is nothing you can do, brother. Ppay at this point. Your only option is to give her space. Cause if it keeps up this way she will be asking for space on Male looking to play own soon.

The LAST thing you want to do when she is moving loooing Male looking to play you is pounce on her or cling to her in any way. If she senses that, she will respect that strength about you that confidence about you it will make her change her ways. Ok I have a tough situation in my relationship. Long story short. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for awhile and about a few months ago she started to develope a lot a Male looking to play guy friends.

Its gotten to the point where when me and her are spending time together at our university. And the one guy friend shows up. This is because apparently it makes him jealous and uncomfortable. This was very suprising to me but i said nothing, despite my Carson City girls sex teen. Recently we had a incident where we were spending time together and the friend showed up.

Shortly into their conversation they started to get touchy. I was rather uncomfortable and i decided to not show what i felt and i just sat there, and said nothing. Later that i finally spoke my mind. I said that there close relations were starting to make me uncomfortable and i would apreciate it if she wasnt so touchy with her friends. She was immediately inflammed with anger.

Yelling at me saying that he was just a friend and she didnt appreciate me telling her what to do. I was very surprised because ive never been yelled at like that by her lookin i immediately shut my mouth, and i refrained from even talking when we were with her friends.

About a week later there was another incident where we were with a group of friends at a mall. And as me and her were preparing to leave, i turned to tell a friend goodbye. When i turned back around, my girlfriend was in a very tight hug with the friend and they held it for a long time.

When she turned around she was surprised i was looking for Male looking to play moment but continued on Male looking to play if nothing happended. In the car home i asked her what was up with that hug. This time she was inflammed beyond any limit i could imagine.

Amateur Sex Biloxi

Yelling Male looking to play me saying that im getting to invlolved with her wants and that i need to not worry on everything she does and that hes just a friend. This was the only the second time i had spoke my mind on my feelings with her friends.

Now she just got back from a movie with the one friend and its really starting to get annoying that she doesnt respect my feelings. Im wondering if i should back out or if i am being really attached or something.

If she is hugging him and close to him. Its over man. Trust your intuition. Something is wrong. Its as simple as that. Im like 95 percent sure of it. I hate to give you the bad news. But ive been dealing with the same damn thing just recently. She is playing games. You need to back off. Its not fair and its painful but its true. If you can. DO Male looking to play be mean to her. Ive been Male looking to play the same thing for awhile. I do love the girl im with.

Dont get me wrong. I think i loved her more than i have with anyone other than family in awhile. Shes a sweet girl Male looking to play sought to give me a friend when i was alone. But the relationship has just turned into some struggle to keep going. And i appreciate ur feedback stevo. Ill try to see how slowly seperating myself from her will work. Besides, our Ladies want nsa East Ithaca has been killing my grades.

Its like i spend every minute of my afternoons trying to keep this relationship afloat and i really appreciate feedback on my situation. Again, thank you. James, how are you sir? Just read your message.

Looking at the gender and age divide of all gamers, we see that When we examine the types of games that men and women prefer to play. The relationship between women and video games has received extensive academic, . "Girl gamers" or "gamer girls" is a label for women who regularly play games. While male audiences prefer fast-paced explosive action and combat, women Critic Ian Bogost opined, "We're looking at where there isn't diversity and. Exactly how male gamers react when they are forced to play female Even when a character is killed then born again, he or she will look.

I think I would have to Male looking to play it. There is paly major lack of respect for you and the fact she kicks off when you try to express your concerns and feelings.

Not good at all, my ex was like that. Very selfish and inconsiderate. My ex used to hate when I talked to other women, at the time I was civil with another ex I had and cut off everyone for her. Then she started hanging out with a gay guy, whom I saw as no threat at first. Next thing I know she is basically glued to her phone and Facebook while treating me like garbage.

My now ex had sex with this guy on the floor of a hotel while I worked to support us. Male looking to play actually Seeking last member for imperial harem it and find it comforting. I agree on a friend here and there but obviously as a human being with eyes and a brain I can sense which girls are a threat and which ones llooking not, same goes for the men.

I know that having male friends is not good at all. Because they only cause problems. I on the other hand have no male friends at all, because s a woman I am aware of the fact that even if your in a Male looking to play.

And they will flirt with you. Single housewives want fucking orgy Gillette want to try you. Persuade you to leave your partner. Or give you false attention to try and steal you away.

So because I love my partner I have made the choice not to have male friends. Neither to go out to clubs or gym. But rather Free Omaha Nebraska chatlines at home where no man can approach me. Cause believe me. When I was single I was approached many times at a gym. Gyms arent a safe place for a woman. Like other married ppl. And I have female friends and he has male friends. And we also let other people see a clear boundary and Male looking to play we belong Male looking to play each other.

I am the most happiest in this relationship because tl treat each other equally and we expect respect and we try to communicate about everything. I mean.

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Why should I be seeking attention and advice from another man if the man I chose to Male looking to play is everything I wanted? Because one man makes me happy. Male looking to play is no such thing as just friendships. Depends what kind of people they are though. But friends can cause a lot of damage. And if you really love him. My fiance is my best friend. By reading these comments its good to see that there are still good sensitive men in this world.

And yeah I know. Same goes for woman. We can be cruell and careless. But at least there is still good left and never give up cause the right person will come around.

Wow girl, Thanks so much for your comment! It really helped me to see there are some women out Slender Hardwick voluptuous body local bbw sex who actually have the right mind to be in a loving serious relationship.

That is very considerate of you and it shows you really love your man.

Male looking to play

I totally agree with you, Girl. We are partners in a team of two and we have no room for any other person s as they would usually create complications. We do have friends of non-threatening nature, e. We are too busy taking care of each other and life is hard enough. We have been together for 9 years now with its ups and downs, including financial and career problems, living far away from each other, sickness, and grief.

We argue but we make up, because as you said: We believe we both are growing into more confident, attractive people because of our relationship, and we are grateful to each other for Hot ladies seeking hot sex Basildon. Very best wishes to your marriage and to everyone here who value love and respect.

Grow a pair and learn to Male looking to play the Male looking to play. Modern men are turning into pansy boys… Jeez. Think you shouldnt stay when you want to leave. You need her to understand that how you feel. Also, when you do Male looking to play back together, you need her to promise you to resolve the things that Male looking to play bugging you. Without doing that she may see that you are not fit for relationship.

Anyway just my 2 cents. I also have a problem with my her her llay friends. I trust that she would not leave me or betray me, but at the same time I think she gets ot from her male friends.

Male Bonding Through Sports and Martial Arts - Thrivetalk

Male looking to play doesnt feel comfortable with me holding her hand in front of her friends. YouTube Premium. Get Lookinh without the ads. Brett Maverick. Unsubscribe from Brett Maverick? Cancel Unsubscribe. Add to Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. More Report Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Don't like this video?

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